Wider Impacts of COVID-19 on Health (WICH) monitoring tool


The wider impacts of COVID-19 on health monitoring tool (WICH) looks at the indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the population's health and wellbeing.

Public Health England (PHE) health intelligence teams are scoping metrics that will enable the monitoring of the indirect health impacts of COVID-19. This resource is a central repository for the metrics as they become available.

Presenting the metrics in one place provides stakeholders with a single point of access. Access to a range of metrics on the wider indirect health impacts will enable stakeholders to:

  • monitor changes over time or against an agreed point in time
  • make timely informed decisions
  • intervene to reduce/mitigate against poor outcomes
  • understand the wider context of population health

What's new?

This resource was updated on 13/08/2020.

No new metrics have been added to the release on 13th August. The following indicators have been updated with new data:

  • mobility data
  • impact of smoking
  • gambling
  • alcohol consumption
  • access to care

How to use this resource

Use the tabs at the top of the screen to move between the different themes.

Each tab provides a visualisation of the selected metric by different breakdowns and the trends over time for the metrics available.

  1. Select the metric to display in the ‘Indicator’ drop down. The dashboard will populate with the selected data.
  2. Select the breakdown you would like to display from the ‘Breakdown’ drop down.
  3. Navigate between viewing charts, data tables and metadata using the tabs in each theme.
  4. To see a single variable on a chart click on the variable name in the legend.


We are interested in your feedback on the tool. If you have any comments or suggested changes, please email EandS-Enquiries@phe.gov.uk

Grocery purchasing

Social determinants of health


Behavioural risk factors

Access to care